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Designer Copper Gold friendie Audio Splitter

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Designer Copper Gold

A truly unique colour created by our designers, copper gold represents your connoisseur instincts and shows the world how you prefer the finer things in life.

If you love living large, then designer copper gold is for you! Like all things designer, this is a strictly limited release.

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1x male 3.5mm audio port to 2x female 3.5mm audio port.


Soft touch rubber, metal casing, gold plated male and female ports.


Friendie audio splitters are comfortable, lightweight, slim-line headphone splitters that eliminate sound loss between your media device and headphones. Our audio splitters are all about sharing the joy of music between friends. Our cables also feature Limiting Absorption Bubble Technology (LAB Tech) in the centre, so now you can share music seamlessly.

Friendie audio splitters feature a slim-line connection case, which has been designed to fit any phone, media device or component with a protective cover. As long as you can access a standard 3.5mm audio headphone port, our friendie audio splitter will be compatible. So now you can share your headphone port without removing your protective cover.

Carry a friendie audio splitter with you everywhere.