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At Friendie Audio, we care about the world we live in. Our team are committed to making positive changes in the way we operate as a business. One of our core values is to “do better than before”. With this in mind, we strive to make improvements in our business structure and product development with respect to the environment. We care deeply about culture and respecting the First Nations land on which we live. In particular, we acknowledge the traditional Aboriginal owners of country throughout Victoria and Gippsland, their ongoing connection to this land and we pay our respects to their culture and their Elders past, present and future. We live and work on Kurnai lands and we acknowledge the Kurnai people as the real owners of the land. We are committed to donating money and product to select charities and organisations that touch our hearts and make a difference to the lives of many. 
Friendie provides the soundtrack to your life. Let’s live a little and make that life count and make other's lives BETTER.



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We only use Kindness Pack packaging to send our parcels. Kindness Pack is our sister company, and we are proud to have produced packaging that is environmentally friendly, home compostable and where 50% of all profits go straight to charity. A little bit of Kindness goes a long way. That’s the message we tell our kids. That’s the motto we live by. And that’s the reason why we started Kindness Pack. Kindness Pack is our newest business baby, established in February 2021. After creating several successful businesses, we knew our next venture had to be a social enterprise so we could give back.

In our other main business, Friendie Audio, we have worked really hard to improve our environmental focus. One of our aims was to move to environmental packaging, and we started researching compostable postage mailers. We couldn’t find exactly what we wanted, so we decided to create our own. We teamed up with the world’s best manufacturer of environmental products to develop the product.

We also knew we wanted to create a product with a focus on making a difference. Not only were we aiming to create home compostable, certified postage satchels, but we wanted to give a percentage of profits to Australian charities. In this way, we knew we could be kind to humans, animals and the earth, and spread a little kindness.

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We are also committed to the environment and making positive changes. We are always learning and looking for new ways to improve our product. We are so proud of our work in producing RoHS compliant headphones, and we are committed to ensuring all our product has this qualification in future. RoHS compliancy is not a requirement of Australian law, but it is just one way we are committed to reducing harm to the environment. Europe is at the forefront of setting global warming reduction targets and in doing so, they have created an electrical equipment standard- 2002/95/EC aka RoHS- which ensures no part or substance in creating these electronics is harmful or hazardous. Please refer to individual product descriptions to see whether our products have individually received this certification. All of our newer products have achieved RoHS certification, and any produced in the future will also continue to be certified. We are reducing the use of plastic within our boxes, and we are looking to continuously improve.

We only get one world. We love where we live, and we want to look after our children’s future.





Friendie is currently partnering with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) in Australia (2021-2022). A portion of our Pink Zen 2.0s goes directly to the NBCF to support their game-changing research. We have also campaigned on their behalf, turned 'Pink' during the annual 'Go Pink' month and donated additional funds to their charity. The NBCF aims to "make tomorrow better, and make Zero Deaths from breast cancer a reality by 2030".

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Friendie supports a number of other organisations with regular donations or assistance as needed, such as Olivia's Place in Warragul. We are so proud to do this and to make a difference in small and big ways.

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Friendie is so proud to have supported Beyond Blue in 2020. Why Beyond Blue? Beyond Blue has a vision for “everyone in Australia to achieve their best possible mental health.” They believe that “anxiety and depression can be managed. Suicide can be prevented.” They listen, they respond, they care, they advocate. They tell millions of Australians that they aren’t alone; what’s more powerful than that? If this is you- please know that you aren’t alone. It is a cause very close to our heart here at Friendie. Please contact Beyond Blue if you need support:

VISITBeyond Blue

CALL BEYOND BLUE: 1300 22 4636

But why else? As Australians rode the ups and downs of COVID-19, we knew you needed music more than ever. At Friendie, we wanted to achieve two outcomes; to donate and give the gift of music at an affordable rate that our customers decided on, and to pass on any profits directly to Beyond Blue so they could continue their amazing work.

All donations to Beyond Blue directly improve the lives of those impacted by anxiety, depression and suicide. Please consider donating what you can, if you are able.

Here are some of the ways your donations can help:

$30 covers the cost of producing, printing, packing and posting free information materials about anxiety, depression and staying well to anyone in Australia.

$48 ensures that every phone call, web chat and email to the 24/7 Beyond Blue Support Service is answered.

$110 enables a Beyond Blue Speaker or Ambassador to share their story in the community.

$270 funds a session with a NewAccess coach across eight locations in Australia.

$600 helps deliver innovative online programs across Australia to help protect everyone’s mental health.

$1,000 helps train a Support Coordinator for The Way Back Support Service.





Keep at eye on this link – we promise to update you regularly on our journey to creating change!

If you are a charity and you have some ideas of how we can work together, or you have some suggestions about how we can reduce our environmental impact, let’s chat. Please contact Jane at, and introduce yourself. Let’s be friends!