AIR Duo Matte Black (Over Ear Wireless Headphones)

AIR Duo Matte Black (Over Ear Wireless Headphones)


54 hours of music playback

Comfort fit for all day wear

Clear phone calls

Long haul flight playtime with 500 hours standby battery

Multimedia controllers

Fitness usage = Light (yoga, pilates, weights, stationary bike). Optimised for E-Sports.


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Friendie AIR Duo. When work and play collide, the perfect Duo is created.

Your AIR Duo are the ultimate multipurpose wireless over-ear headphones. They are designed for those who achieve excellence in every area of their life, from work to play to E-sports.

These headphones excel and add a touch of luxe to your look. They feature a detachable microphone for calls, deep bass for music or gaming and a large battery life.

When it’s play time, take your Friendie AIR Duos and go for a walk, a low-intensity workout at the gym or go home and game all night with the ultimate E-Sport gaming headphones. LED lights are optional - but always advisable! With Friendie AIR Duo headphones, choose your own adventure.

Work and Play. The perfect Duo.

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  • 54 Hours of Music playback (at 50% volume)
  • Designed for optimal E-Sports performance
  • Designed for working from home.
  • Certified RoHS compliant and contains no harmful or hazardous content
  • Multimedia controller (play, pause, previous, next, volume controls)
  • Passive Noise Cancelling via high density foam.
  • 30mm vibration mode for gaming or super deep bass boost for music
  • 3.5mm audio input cord to save battery life and transform your wireless headphones to wired headphones
  • Two equaliser modes, treble and bass optimised for chart music or bass boost
  • Gamer LED lights switch on ear cups
  • Phone controller (answer, end, volume) 
  • Detachable long-pole microphone for phone calls, video calls or gaming
  • Folding design with metal folding hinges
  • Pillow comfort earpads and headband
  • Efficient battery technology.
  • Extendable headband to suit different head sizes
  • Ergonomic button layout
  • Protective case, instruction manual, charge cable and audio cable included
  • Apple devices will show a Bluetooth battery meter


Friendie. Making headphones friendly.


The perfect duet.

Your friendie AIR Duo headphones are the perfect pair-in-one. In a world that’s a little bit complicated, your Duos can simplify your life. Everyone needs a multitasker.


Style. Elevated.

True fashion will never go out of style. These headphones are made to elevate your next video call or complement your office attire. At home? No problem. Looking good makes you feel good, and the right headphones can uplift your life. Available in Rose Gold and Pink or Black, and featuring optional lights and microphone, you choose your next look.


Sound. Optimised.

Your AIR Duo has sound covered. Choose your level by selecting between two key equaliser modes, where sound is optimised either for chart music or a bass boost.


Charge Anywhere. Worldwide.

All Friendie products use a standardized micro USB power cord, designed for compatibility and ease no matter where you are in the world. Additional micro USB chargers are available internationally through all major retailers.


Talk. Clarity.

Featuring two microphones, with one optional, detachable flexible microphone and one mic inbuilt into your headphones, be confident that you can be heard, and hear with clarity. The AIR Duo features a flexible detachable long-pole microphone that is coated in rubber to ensure it’s comfortable and achieves crystal-clear voice calls.


Game. Play.

If E-Sport, gaming and fun is your thing, your Duos offer an optional vibration mode to feel the raw energy of your gaming experience. True to the gamer experience, the Friendie AIR DUO also adds some colour to your life; choose lights up on your headphones and enjoy optional LED lights on your earcups while you play


High-end technology.

Behind the scenes, the AIR Duo is laced with high-end technology. Featuring backward-compatible Bluetooth, two microphones, and 1000 mAh LiPo battery providing up to 300 hours of standby and 54 hours of continuous music playback, we have you covered. When your battery does go flat, the AIR Duo features fast charge technology. This restores the battery fully via an international industry standard micro USB 2.0 cable.


Charge. Worldwide.

All your Friendies use a standardized micro USB power cord, so you can charge your headphones wherever you are. Additional chargers are available internationally through major retailers. If you can’t charge straight away, no problem. Plug in your complimentary audio input cord to save battery life and transform your wireless headphones to wired headphones, so you can listen up wherever you are. You won’t need your cord regularly, as we have increased the battery life of your new Duos significantly compared to standard headphones. Enjoy up to 54 hours music playback and just 3.5 hours charge time. No matter what, you will always have a Friendie by your side.


Environmentally Friendly

Friendie AIR Duo are RoHS compliant. Although this is not a requirement of Australian law, having ROHS compliancy is just one way we are committed to reducing harm to the environment. Europe is at the forefront of setting global warming reduction targets and in doing so, they have created an electrical equipment standard- 2002/95/EC aka RoHS- which ensures no part or substance in creating these electronics is harmful or hazardous. Our AIR Duo have been issued a certificate of compliance for RoHS.

Friendie. Making headphones friendly. 


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Size: 1000mAh LiPo

Charge time: 4 hours

Music playback: Up to 54 hours

Talk time: Up to 54 hours

Standby time: Up to 300 hours

Charge cable Micro USB 2.0


Weight of headphones:

250 grams



Sensitivity: 108dB +-3dB

Impedance: 32 Ω

Driver: 40mm NdFeB Super Bass

Vibration driver: 30mm vibration unit

Vibration Impedance: 16 Ω

Equalizer: Two modes; Chart Music and Bass Boost



Location: Two mics: Inbuilt and detachable arm

Sensitivity: 42dB +-3dB





Standard: BT 4.1

Frequency range: 2.4Ghz – 2.8Ghz

Distance range: Up to 10 meters (30 feet)




Backup cable: 3.5mm AUX audio cable 1.5m


Wireless features: 

Multi-function controller: Play/pause/next track/previous track/volume up/volume down

Media playback: Answer and receive calls

Voice and digital

Phone connection:



Package Contents:

Product: Friendie Air Duo over ear headphones

User manual: English

3.5mm AUX audio cable: Included

Detachable microphone: Included

Protective case: Included

Colours: Matte Black or Pink/Rose Gold

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