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Snowflake White: friendie audio splitter Platinum Collection

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Fitness intensity

A powder white; a clean, fresh nod to the snowy peaks of winter.

Our dual headphone friendie splitters (version 2.0) are stylish, durable and ensure a premium transfer of sound from port-to-port. Friendie headphone splitters allow you to share one media device (eg. phone, tablet, laptop) between two people. Friendie splitters are simple to use; simply plug your headphones and a friend’s headphones into each of the female ports, and connect the male port to your media device. Voila! Sharing at its finest with full surround sound.

Shipping: Fast and Free shipping.

Design benefits:

– anti-tangle flat cables

– durable rubber cord design

– removable jacket head to fit into any case or cover

– friendie True Sound Transfer (TST) with direct cables port-to-port (P2P).

Friendie sharing audio splitter: 1x male 3.5mm audio port to 2x female 3.5mm audio port


Our dual headphone friendie splitters (version 2.0) are stylish, durable and ensure a premium transfer of sound from port-to-port. Friendie headphone splitters allow you to share one media device (eg. phone, tablet, laptop) between two people.


Feel the intended sound.

Friendie audio splitters are designed to enrich your media experience. When audio cables are split, the sound quality usually decreases. However, with friendie audio splitters, we’ve worked hard to ensure that you and your friend are receiving the same high-quality dynamic range of sound. Our new platinum series ensures direct sound transfer from port-to-port.


Comfortable, lightweight and durable.

Friendie audio splitters are designed to be comfortable, lightweight and durable enough to last. The design allows you to feel like a friendie dual headphone splitter is just an extension of your headphone cable. Firstly, we have eliminated the bulky cumbersome splitter boxes that our competitors use. Than we added durable flat rubber cabling so your cable doesn’t tangle. Finally, we got rid of all that excess plastic to bring the weight down. The result is a lightweight, durable audio splitter that is both comfortable to carry in your pocket and stylish to share.

Optimal sharing capabilities.

Friendie audio splitters are all about sharing the joy of music between friends. The length of our cabling has been optimised to ensure that neither headphone cable tugs or pulls too hard on your headphones when your friend moves themselves or your media device. Friendie audio splitters feature a slim-line male connection case, which has been designed to fit any phone, media device or component with a protective cover. As long as the case provides access to a standard 3.5mm headphone port, friendie dual headphone splitters will be compatible. Now you can share your headphone port without removing your protective cover. Connect two sets of headphones to the female ports, and enjoy sharing media with a friend.

Do you need a friendie?

You need a friendie audio splitter if:

  • You want to share movies, tv shows, clips and music with friends.
  • You need a slim, lightweight audio splitter
  • You only have one tablet and want both want to watch the same show.
  • You are getting sick by spreading germs due to sharing earphones.
  • You want a fashion-forward splitter that looks good and works incredibly well.
  • You constantly get a flat battery and want to be able to share a friend’s device.
  • You are always being told to ‘be quiet’ or ‘turn it down’ when sharing media- plug in your friendie splitter, use your own headphones and away you go!

Friendie audio splitters, 10 reasons why:

  1. Rubberised cables that are light, flexible and durable.
  2. Insulated wires to protect from static and limit loss of sound quality.
  3. Slim-line, non-bulky design (unlike leading competitors), enabling each listener freedom when moving.
  4. Lightweight design to store and easily fit in your pocket.
  5. Gold plated connections for superior sound transfer without sound loss or distortion.
  6. Central Limiting Absorption Bubble Technology (LAB Tech) to restrict movement.
  7. Slim-line audio head case design allows compatibility with the majority of phone and tablet protective cases.
  8. Metallic high gloss casing in 5 individual colour combinations to let your personality shine.
  9. “friendie” authentic logo – don’t settle for imitations!
  10. It’s just awesome. And you deserve the best.

Don’t settle for imitations. There is only one friendie!

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