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Wireless ChargePad

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Fitness intensity

Get Charged.

Get charged with Friendie. Our new matte black Friendie Charge Pad is your next best friend. Boost the battery on your fave Friendie QI earbuds or QI certified device such as a mobile phone. Place your charge pad on your desk and enjoy knowing that your Friendie is always there for you. That means, more free time and less time lost looking all over the house for your charger! You’re welcome.

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  • QI Certified charging pad
  • Supports both Standard charging 5W and Fast charging 10W devices
  • Micro USB charging port
  • Extra-long 1m length Micro USB charging cable
  • Matte Black “Desk Camouflage” design
  • Blue rubber secure pads, to ensure your device does not slide off the charge pad
  • Rubber feet underneath your charger, to ensure the charging pad sits level and secure on your desk
  • Compatible with Friendie wireless charging headphones
  • ROHS Certified


Charge it Up.

Plug your standardized micro USB cord into your charge pad and into the USB port on computer. Simply place your device in centre of charge pad to charge.


You can never have too many chargers. The best thing is, with a charge pad, you can know where your charge pad is at all times. We recommend popping your Friendie Charge Pad on your work desk so you can admire it all day when it’s not working hard charging your friendies.

Environmentally Friendly.

Friendie Charge Pad is RoHS compliant. Although this is not a legal requirement in Australia, ROHS compliancy is just one way we are working to reduce harm to the environment. This ensures no part or substance in creating these electronics is harmful or hazardous.



Package Contents:

Product: Friendie Wireless Charge Pad
Charge cable: 1M Micro USB to USB
Colour: Matte Black

Connection: Standard Charge: 5V, 1.6A-2.0A MAX
Electrical: Fast Charge: 9V. 1.6A-2.0A MAX

Output: Wireless Charging
Connection: Standard Charge: 5W @ 5V = 1A
Electrical: Fast Charge: 10W @ 9V = 1.1A

Size: Diameter = 10cm

Instructions: Plug USB cord into charge pad and USB port on computer. Place your device in centre of charge pad to charge.

Do not place heavy objects on the charging pad. Do not place charging pad near water or fire. Be gentle with your Friendie charging pad.

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